24-Strong Challenge

24 STRONG Challenge Details


24-STRONG is all about resistance training and making it a healthy habit in your life.

To successfully complete 24-STRONG, you will complete a minimum of three Legacy training sessions per week between week 2-6 of the challenge and you’ll have the chance to win a major prize from ASICS and City Cave valued at $589.

The goal is for you to finish the challenge educated on understanding the importance of incorporating resistance training into your existing training schedules, and for you to walk away with a tailored routine that meets Australian guidelines on muscle-strengthening activities.

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How Do I Complete The Challenge?

1. Register by contacting us.

2. Book into any Legacy class via The Toll House app.

3. Complete a minimum of three Legacy training sessions per week between March 25-April 29.

4. Track your progress by ticking your name on the accountability board each session.

What 24-Strong Offers You

  • Win the ultimate prize from ASICS and City Cave by completing the challenge requirements of training Legacy three times a week.
  • Training logbook to track your progress.
  • Access to our 24-STRONG WhatsApp group.
  • Access to the 24-STRONG Challenge wrap-up breakfast.
  • Expert coaching to refine your resistance training technique.
  • Pre & post challenge testing that establishes your strength levels.
    • Tanita body composition scan.
    • Muscular strength assessment – deadlift, squat and bench press.
    • Blood pressure and resting heart rate.
  • Be surrounded by a social group of familiar faces for great conversation and laughs along the way.

Key Dates

  • Week 1 | commencing Monday 18 March | Prep and testing
  • Week 2-Week 6 | commencing Monday 25 March | Complete a minimum of 3 Legacy training sessions a week
  • Week 7 | commencing Monday 29 April | Final testing and challenge completion
  • Week 7 | Saturday 4 May | Challenge wrap group breakfast


There are four available options to choose from.

  • Existing members | $70
  • Fitness Passport users | $100
Non-members/ClassPass users
  • Option 1 | $385 upfront

Inclusive of: 7 weeks of The Toll House membership, entry into 24-STRONG challenge.

All registrations can be made by contacting us at info@thetollhouse.com.au

Register for 24-STRONG

    Why Should You Join 24-STRONG?

    Learn: You have a strong desire to refine your lifting form/technique and develop your muscular strength.

    Structure & Accountability: You need a training program to keep you focused and committed to my training.

    Social Connection: You enjoy working out in a fun, supportive environment.

    Resilience & Intent: You need a challenge, something to take you out of your comfort zone, and the opportunity to build mental and physical fortitude.

    Flexibility: You get to pick which Legacy training session times work best for your schedule.