Osteofit Free Consultation

Most 55+ year olds don't get to enjoy a specifically tailored fitness routine that works for them...

  •           You don’t always receive a personalised consultation (for free) which can increase your risk of injury – especially Golfers 

  •           You’re more often than not subject to classes that aren’t fit for your needs and aren’t enjoyable

  •           Which ultimately, leads you to not continuing with a consistent fitness routine, making it harder to have the strength and energy you want to enjoy life

We don’t want any of this for you at The Toll House!

Instead, we provide 55+ year olds Osteofit classes specifically tailored to targeting important muscles groups that are necessary to daily function and independence. Our classes will work for you too!

Instead, people who work with our experts at The Toll House enjoy:

Osteofit 10 Pack: Designed and delivered by our resident exercise physiologist, our invigorating Osteofit classes are tailored to target specific muscle groups that are important for daily function and independence as well as to load joints that are at the greatest risk of fracture.  

FREE 60-Minute Consultation: We get to understand you, your needs and health/fitness level. Gain personalised insights and advice from our Exercise Physiologist, valued at $125 – yours for FREE! 

Cost-Saving Bundle: Get all this for an unbeatable price of only $150! We care about your health, and your wallet! Ask about available rebates to make this offer even more affordable. 

Why choose Osteofit?

Boost Strength: Target key muscle groups to enhance your physical strength. 

Improve Flexibility/Balance: Increase joint flexibility, mobility and balance for improved physical function. 

Seniors-Focused: Tailored exercises for all fitness levels, making it perfect for over 55’s. 

Expert Guidance: Benefit from a FREE consultation and personalised guidance with our Exercise Physiologist, ensuring safe and effective exercise. 


And the confidence that comes with tailored fitness classes 

Osteofit classes are designed for 55-year-olds specifically, so you’ll get tailored training that is important for helping your daily function and ensuring your independence, so you can enjoy life to its fullest without the increased risk of injury! 

Golfers in particular will benefit from this. Because who doesn’t want to play Golf for much longer and to hit the ball better!? 


Want to know if these classes are right for you?

Let our customer reviews help you make an informed decision

Why do we run Osteofit classes?

We know that as you get a bit older (or less young) that getting and keeping fit can be difficult.


There’s not a lot of support and opportunity out there that provides the right program for your next phase of life. Especially if you’re into Golf and want to prolong that hobby for as long as possible.


We believe it doesn’t have to be that way! With our Osteofit Classes, you’ll get specifically tailored training that will give you confidence in your daily life – and you’ll enjoy it!


  • Tuesday Mornings from 10:30am to 11:30am
  • Thursday Mornings from 10:30am to 11:30am

Free Consultation and Better Health in 3 Easy Steps

Register your interest for a free consultation and buy 10 Osteofit packs online or in person
Book in your free consultation with our team and look forward to your 10 Osteofit classes
Enjoy the confidence that comes with better health!