Lift & Run Training Program


The Lift & Run program is a 5-week program designed to improve cardiovascular health, build muscular strength to support and improve running.  

This training program will keep you focused and active during the colder months of the year.

The Lift and Run Training Program Includes

  • Pre-challenge screening and fitness test
  • Access to 3 x small group (2 coached and 1 uncoached) training sessions per week
  • 1 x 5km Park Run on Saturday Mornings in Centennial Park 
  • Ongoing support from the fitness team throughout your 5 weeks
  • Post-program testing

Join The Toll House Strava group to share your running workouts here. 

Participants must be registered to take part in Saturday Park Runs. If you’re not already registered, you can do so here. 
 Cost for the Challenge:
Members – $99
Fitness Passport Members – $149
Non-Members & Class Pass visitors – $280 upfront


Q) How long does the Lift & Run Training Program run for?

A) The challenge will run for 5 weeks with a testing week the week prior. Key dates for the challenge are:

– Prep/Testing week: Monday 31 July (Test run – 5 August)
– Training weeks: Monday 7 August – Monday 4 September
– Run Test – Saturday 9 September
– Wrap-up breakfast: Saturday 16 September

Q) How many classes are included?

A) Access to 2 x small group (Max 4 people) resistance training sessions per week

Q) What happens if I can’t attend a Challenge only class?

A) Participants are strongly encouraged to attend 2 x small group resistance training sessions per week. These will be held at various times throughout the week and can be booked through the classes section in our app. There will be NO make-up sessions for these classes.