Winter Warrior Challenge


Winter Warrior provides the perfect opportunity for you to stay active and on top of your physical fitness as we head into the colder months of the year.


This program kicks off with fitness testing designed to help provide you with the insight needed to not only better understand your current capabilities but provide you with the data needed to set yourself realistic goals.

You’ll be asked to set yourself the target of completing a minimum of three training sessions per week. Understanding how important it is to include regular resistance training in one’s activity plan, two of these three sessions weekly need to include the completion of our Legacy strength training class.


You’ll get to experience specific testing to help establish your baseline fitness and be exposed to quality coaching support to help refine your movement technique. You’ll be making a commitment to complete a minimum of 3 physical training sessions per week for a five-week block. Exercise discipline and accountability from week to week by showing up and giving it a go! And after every training session reward yourself by placing a strike on our challenge accountability board.

Enjoy the social component of this challenge, completing your workouts with familiar faces, engage in conversations throughout, and have some laughs along the way. Hit the required 3 training sessions per week for each week of the challenge and go in the draw to win some awesome prizes!

How Do I Complete The Challenge?

1. Register by contacting us.

2. Book into any Legacy class via The Toll House app.

3. Complete a minimum of THREE training sessions per week –

(These three sessions will be made up of 2 x Legacy classes and 1 x Refit/Bootcamp)

4. Track your progress by ticking your name on the accountability board each session.

What Winter Warrior Offers You

Pre & post challenge testing that establishes your strength levels.

Initial Testing Including: 

    1. Blood Pressure & Resting Heart Rate.
    2. Tanita Body Composition Scan.
    3. Muscular Strength Assessment – Squat and Bench Press.
    4. Cardiorespiratory assessment – 1.2km time trial.
  • Toll House membership level access for 7 weeks.
  • Training Record Booklet
  • Post-program testing – retest all measures completed at initial testing.
  • Access to our Challenge Wrap-up Breakfast on Saturday 20 July.
  • Be surrounded by a social group of familiar faces for great conversation and laughs along the way.

Key Dates

Registrations Open – Monday 20th May (Limited to 16 Spots!)


  • Week 1 | commencing Monday 3 June to Saturday 8 June | Prep and testing
  • Week 2-Week 6 | commencing Monday 17 June | Complete a minimum of 3 Legacy training sessions a week
  • Week 7 | commencing Monday 15 July| Final testing and challenge completion
  • Week 7 | Saturday 20 July | Challenge wrap-up group breakfast



There are four available options to choose from.

  • Existing members | $70
  • Fitness Passport users | $100
Non-members/ClassPass users
  • Option 1 | $385 upfront

Inclusive of: 7 weeks of The Toll House membership, entry into Winter Warrior challenge.


All registrations can be made by contacting us at


    Why Should You Join Winter Warrior?

    Learn: Commit some time to refine your movement technique. Learn what’s required to establish healthy habits that will serve you well beyond the conclusion of the challenge.

    Accountability: Use this challenge to hold yourself accountable. And in return, your challenge peers and Toll House coaches will do the same to keep you focused and on track.

    Social Connection: You are not alone in this! Take advantage of immersing yourself in a supportive group training environment with others who share similar goals and interests.

    Physical & Mental Fortitude: Whether it be figuring out how to fit in your 3 weekly training sessions, or simply getting through the workouts themselves. Choosing to do hard things can give you an incredible sense of pride and achievement.